By Phone or In-Person

I do most of my work through phone sessions with clients. It is wonderfully convenient to be in the privacy of your own space for a reading so that you can relax and open up to the energy and information that comes through. Additionally, the energy of a session can put you in an altered state, so not having to drive afterwards can be an added bonus.

However, for those who are in closer proximity to my location in Northern Virginia, I can schedule face-to-face sessions in my home office.


How does this work?

Before a session, I do a meditation, and by connecting with my own Guidance, I bring through information for the person I’ll be reading. I begin each session sharing the information that I have channeled in my mediation. Through sharing this information, frequently additional details come forward. If a client has questions, or wishes to go deeper with the information, together we ask for that insight and clarity and follow the discussion through the direction that comes through from Spirit.

Scheduling a reading

I schedule readings on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between 5:30-8pm EST, with some limited weekend availability.

45 minute sessions are $40

Sessions are payable by PayPal (I will email you an invoice for easy payment) or a snail-mailed personal check or money order.


Schedule a reading …

To schedule a reading, email Cynthia: