Reflect and Release

December 3 was a beautiful, full “Super Moon”. My teacher and friend Sobonfu Somé taught me that the period from a full moon to a new moon (December 18th) is a very good time to release. We are also approaching Winter Solstice on December 21, 2017, our shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere with the least amount of daylight. Additionally, Mercury is currently in a retrograde cycle that began on December 3rd and will conclude on December 22nd. This is a very powerful time to be introspective, carving out time and space to dive inward, seeking a deeper understanding of ourselves and our soul’s journey.

Consider all of the different ways you can welcome insight from a variety of perspectives. Take your time with this. Spending time walking in nature with an open heart and mind and see what feelings and thoughts bubble to the surface for you. Listen to music. Write in a journal. Gaze at the stars on a clear evening. Meditate. Share some laughter and conversation with a loved one. Notice what surfaces for you, and what “lights up.”

What is not working for me? (both circumstances and relationships)

Where in my life might I need to make changes to honor and align with my true purpose?

What are my intentions for 2018?

What do I want to release?

What do I wish to welcome more abundantly?

How can I be more balanced in my endeavors?

The holiday season can be a very rushed, and overly committed time of year. Make having some quiet, reflective time a priority for yourself and see what powerful “a-ha” insight leaps from your heart as treasure for you to embrace moving into the new year.

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