From Fire to Nature

I will forever be grateful for what I learned from my dear teacher and friend, Sobonfu Somé. She spent her entire adult life traveling throughout the world sharing the powerful teachings of ritual and spiritual wisdom from her village in Burkina Faso, West Africa. One of the many things she taught me is about the 5 elements that the Dagara people of her homeland honor and seek to have in balance in all aspects of their lives. The last digit of a year is what indicates the element for that year. Your year of birth indicates what your primary element would be in this tradition:

  • 1s and 6s are Water: Water is about flow and peaceful resolution. Water is about release as well as filling. Water’s colors are blue and black.
  • 2s and 7s are Fire: Fire is about connecting with Ancestors in Spirit. Fire is about having vision, dreams and the energy to follow your passion. It is wise to keep in mind the balance of fire with water to avoid burn out and depletion. Fire’s color is red.
  • 3s and 8s are Nature: Nature is about magic, cycles and transformation. Nature is about seeing the real truth behind any mask or charade. Nature can be a trickster who loves a good prank. Nature’s color is green.
  • 4s and 9s are Mineral: Minerals are the story keepers, artists and healers. Clear communication on multiple levels is Mineral’s strength. Crystals, stones and our bones are what hold stories, both cultural and ancestral as well as our own. Mineral’s color is white.
  • 5s and 0s are Earth: Earth is about nurturing, open-heartedness and the many ways we experience home. Earth is nourishing, comforting, welcoming and centering (getting grounded). Earth’s color is yellow.

2017 has been a Fire year in the Dagara tradition, a year for connecting with Ancestors and Vision. I find it interesting on a personal level, that the first chapter of this work I have been doing as a medium evolved in a Fire year.

2018 will be a Nature year. If you are Nature (meaning you were born in a year that ends with either a 3 or an 8), understand that this upcoming year may be a big one for you. It will be a year that can open you up, causing you to take a good look at what is happening with your life, your relationships and your work. If you are considering making a change, a Nature year can be a good time for transitioning. If you are seeking to have a deeper understanding of something, a Nature year help support your efforts to welcome the truth of deep insight into a circumstance.

In these final weeks of the year, regardless of your element, I invite you to reflect on the vision and passion you wish to carry forward so that you can harness the transformative and magical energies of 2018.


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