I recently did a session with a client who was seeking, in part, insight around health and wellness. Interestingly enough, when I completed my channeled meditation ahead of our session, the first thing that I heard was, “support the immune system.” As we discussed this in greater detail, I could feel how important it was for my client to prioritize her own balance so that stress is minimized as much as possible.

Additionally, I heard very clearly, “vulnerability” and was shown how when my client feels vulnerable, that triggers stress, which fires up her immune system. It’s a chain reaction. Through our session, it became clear with what came through for her that her immune sensitivity is actually a kind of gift, in that it is a built-in warning system alerting her when her stress levels are starting to build.

Sometimes a circumstance that may seem like a burden or inconvenience can actually be a special gift, calling our attention to something specific early on in what could otherwise turn into a chain of events that could become more difficult. It is a blessing to see the truth within something as it begins to unfold. When we have that LIGHT shone on what is really happening at the source, we often have so much flexibility and so many more options to better manage a situation.

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