I was working with a client in a session some months ago, and her Mother came through during the reading. When my client asked me if her Mother could share something significant to confirm that this was “real,” I saw an image of turtles, sunning themselves in a pond. During the session, this didn’t resonate for my client, and I did not get additional clarifying information for it to make sense to me. But the next day my client contacted me exploding with excitement. “I can’t believe I didn’t remember this,” she told me.

Then she shared that when she was in high school, both she and her mother loved sunbathing together in the backyard in the afternoons. They had a plastic turtle shaped kiddie pool, and she described the race they’d have each day to see who could get there first, claiming the slide, which was especially nice to lie on, propped up to enjoy the water and the sun.

My client also shared with me that following that session, she began to see turtles around her on a regular basis. A turtle showed up on her front doorstep, which had never happened before. And for the first time since she’d lived in her house, she found turtles swimming the pool in her backyard on a regular basis.

In the first session we did together, I could hear her Mother suggesting that she pick a symbol that she felt connected her to her mother, and ask Spirit to bring her that sign to help her clearly recognize when her Mother’s energy was around her. I’m sure you can guess what she chose! In the months since that initial reading, it has been truly spectacular to hear the stories my client has been able to share how turtle sign has shown up for her at significant times to let her know her Mother is around her.

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