Releasing Fear

Breathe in peace and hope, exhaling and releasing your fear.

In the last month, I have at times been feeling rather overwhelmed. I am connected to a lot of people, both those who are dear to my heart, and those with whom I work and care for very much, who are each facing extremely serious health challenges. At times I have found myself in a moment with my heart racing, feeling completely consumed with fear and worry about what will happen. Most of my prayers these weeks have been for each of these people, asking for them to be HUGELY supported and surrounded by kind, patient and knowledgeable medical professionals who will work carefully and diligently with them.

When I tap in to Spirit seeking wisdom and guidance, I keep hearing that I need to release my fear and seek to fill my heart with hope. I hear that I need to share joy, laughter and love with each of these people that I care for so deeply, so that they can literally lighten up … and be filled with the light of Spirit.

Fear is restrictive and limiting, and it chokes the flow of energy. A peaceful, hope-filled heart is truly the most powerful antidote to support powerful, transformative healing! And so I am seeking each day to find as many opportunities to feel grateful, to find laughter, and lighten my own heart as well of those around me.

It can be difficult to relax and release fear when it is so incredibly huge and powerful. But we can ask for help with that … we can ask Spirit to come closer, to amp it up so we can really feel that powerful presence all around us and in us. We can breathe and ask to be guided in releasing fear and filling with Light.