Privacy is Important

I’ve worked with several clients in recent weeks for whom a shared theme has come through. They are each navigating different circumstances (difficult manager at work, questionably trustworthy relationships, delicate family politics). Yet in each situation, I was shown similar guiding wisdom, encouraging each person to be mindful of how much to share openly. I found it fascinating that with these different readings, each client was specifically advised to keep certain things private, avoiding full disclosure.

This direction for maintaining boundaries and limiting how much information is openly shared is not about being sneaky, manipulative or deceptive. These lessons instead were focused on protecting that which is especially personal and sacred, and not allowing what might otherwise be shared create unnecessary vulnerability. In one of these sessions, to illustrate this point, I saw a wooden crate. I could see how items safely tucked down deeply into each of the sections are not visible to another person.

I find it somewhat ironic, with recent headlines, how much current focus is on personal data and data management. Maybe this is a time when we each should consider carefully how much we share and with whom, making adjustments as needed so we protect ourselves and be more discriminating with our disclosures.