Hip! Hip! HOORAY!

Today is the date I have chosen to officially re-launch my website and digitally step out in promoting the work I am doing as a medium. This has been a VERY interesting year, and with each reading I do, I find my skills and understanding of this connection expanding and deepening.

There are times when I question what is happening, especially when I don’t get enough information to feel that I understand something specific. That can be frustrating at times. But I’m learning that as the “messenger,” it isn’t always for me to have a full understanding. Sometimes that just isn’t my business. What is more important is to pass along, to the best of my abilities, what I see, what I hear and what is shared with me. I find that my faith is growing as I do this work because I stumble across blessings and unexpected grace almost daily.

I am so grateful for this opportunity, and I welcome the continued journey!

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