Help from the Other Side

I’ve done some work with a client I’ll call “Annie.” In our first session, Annie’s father came through very clearly. When he first stepped forward, I felt such overwhelming sadness rolling off of him in waves, that it very nearly brought me to tears. Annie shared that when he was alive, their relationship was complicated from many issues he had, and his harsh criticism and emotional manipulation was tremendously damaging to her growing up.

From Spirit, Annie’s Dad made it clear that he is very much around her and wants to do anything in his power to help, support and love her to set right the many wrongs from when he was alive. Annie’s Dad showed me an image of a draft horse, pulling an incredibly heavy load. He told me to tell Annie to put him to work!

When our loved ones cross to Spirit, they continue on their souls’ journeys. Sometimes a big part of that journey is seeking to right the wrongs they created with their choices and decisions when they were still here in the physical world. Someone who was selfish and hurtful when they were alive can become a powerful ally from Spirit.  They have a debt to pay and a drive to do what they wish they could have realized and done before their life ended. We can choose whether or not we will allow and welcome this support and connection. This is not always easy to do. However, if we can open our hearts to this opportunity, the new chapter in the relationship with our loved one can bring powerful transformation.

I am reminded of a quote that I once saw that forgiveness is not about forgetting; it is about letting go of another person’s throat. I think that Annie’s Dad is incredibly grateful that Annie recognizes his energy around her and is open to receiving his help. In our most recent session, Annie’s Dad stepped forward again, and this time I didn’t feel that tremendous grief. Instead I felt joy, and his deep commitment to powerful work from the other side for Annie, supporting, guiding and loving her with every bit of his own power and strength.

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