Earlier this week as I was finishing getting dressed to head out the door and begin my day, I happened to look out my window in time to see a beautiful red-tailed hawk enjoying a freshly caught breakfast on the railing of my back deck. It was breath-taking to see this bird in action! I scrambled for my phone to take a quick video and a few photos before the hawk got a firmer grip on breakfast and flew away.

This morning I saw another hawk flying along the side of the road, and with the wings spread wide, I could really appreciate the grace of the bird’s flight as well as the beautiful coloring of it’s feathers.

In his book ANIMAL SPEAK, Ted Andrews shares from Jamie Sams’ and David Carson’s MEDICINE CARDS book about the Ojibwa belief that hawk represents leadership and is “akin to Mercury, the messenger of the gods. Hawk medicine teaches you to be observant … Life is sending you signals.” Andrews goes on to say that hawk “awakens our vision and inspires us to a creative life purpose.”

I’m feeling really grateful for this insight and wisdom this week!