Energy Flowing Through, not From

About 8 or 9 years ago, I ran across some Sanskrit text that perfectly captured an important lesson from Spirit that I wanted to remember daily. Last week I googled this same text trying to find the original source that I had previously discovered, but I was not successful. So I’m going purely from memory here. The text is this word: “Aparaphrapha,” and my memory of its meaning is a reminder that energy should flow THROUGH me and not FROM me.

The lesson for me with this word is to be continually reminded that I am not alone, and I am always surrounded by Spirit. Therefore, with the work I do and the efforts I strive to make, I should seek to be more like a garden hose, asking that the energy that best serves whatever circumstance I face flow through me, from Spirit, rather than from me, depleting me.

I was so deeply moved by this lesson when I found this word, that I had it tattooed on my right forearm so that I can see it easily, throughout each day. You may notice in this photo, the small circles on either side of this word. I asked that they be included in this ink so that I am reminded of the garden hose metaphor. Because I am human, my own personal vision of what might best serve is limited by my own understandings and experiences. Spirit sees and understands the “big picture” far better than I can. So in asking that energy, light, wisdom and guidance flow through me, I can always have faith that whatever comes is exactly what is needed, and I don’t have to figure out what the best solution may be. Additionally, as I seek to be the conduit rather than the source, my own energy levels can be full and strong, and I am not exhausting myself in the efforts.

In this new year, may we each find more meaningful and powerful ways to be a part of the Highest Good, flowing with the magnificent energy of Spirit.

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