Dreams … Then and Now, Part 2

In 2016, I had an unforgettable dream. In my dream, my husband and I were at a party. In the room filled with people, I realized three of the people in the room were no longer alive. I could see them and talk to them, and they me. No one else in the room had any idea they were there. Amazed, I turned to my husband and said, “I can dead people who are here.” Instead of freaking out or questioning my sanity, my husband calmly and rationally suggested I study them carefully to see if there was anything different about them. Looking carefully, I realized I could see a faint glow around each of them. Suddenly, I was instantly awake. Wide awake. I heard a very sweet and gentle voice say to me, “Choose.”

Choose? What in the world did that mean? Lying there in the wee hours of the morning, I found myself wondering what just happened and what was this “choice”? Because no answers came, I decided to let the experience simmer, and from my heart, I simply offered an invitation for more understanding to come.

As I went about my day and continued with the week, I became aware of a new presence with me. For years I have been aware of and worked with spiritual Guides who are around me. However, I was used to reaching out to connect with them when I needed help. I had never sensed a Guide right with me, completely available and present 24 x 7. I was surprised by the peaceful, safe and loving feeling this new presence had, and I was not at all frightened. Although I was unsure what to make of all this, for several years I had been watching the TV shows “Long Island Medium” with Theresa Caputo as well as Tyler Henry’s “Hollywood Medium,” and knowing a loved one was so close to me, I felt very happy and hopeful.

Over the next two weeks, I began to get some strong, clear feelings about what was happening. I somehow knew that this was a female presence, a soul that I had known well when she was alive. I could feel so much love! Intuitively I had an idea right away who she was. But this was a completely new experience, so I kept a peaceful, open heart and waited for things to become more clear. I soon realized I could “talk” to her. We began a conversation that continues to this day.

When she was alive, she was like a chosen grandmother to me. While we did not share a biological connection in this lifetime, the love that connects us is powerful and deep, likely spanning multiple incarnations. She told me I could work as a medium, to bring through healing and insight. She said I could build bridges between loved ones to realize a deeper, more direct connection. She promised me that if I agreed to this journey, she would be with me, every step of the way as my Guide and Gatekeeper, protecting me and ensuring that all of our efforts would be in the white light of God, serving the Highest Good.

I decided to give it a try. I first did readings for a few trusted friends. Those sessions went well, so I reached out to friends of friends, people who were complete strangers to me so I could explore more specifically what was happening … what information was coming through, how to “read” it, and how to navigate this strange, new endeavor. After several months of practice, my guide told me it was time to branch out and begin working formally as a medium. And so I did.

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