Clarity, Balance and Connection

Consider the chakra system of the human body. The Sanskrit word “Chakra” translates to “wheel” and is a spinning energetic center of the body. We have seven main chakras. The lower chakras, the root (1st-physical), the sacral (2nd-emotional) and solar plexus (3rd-mental) are aligned to support the heart chakra (4th). The heart is the conjunction within the body between the physical and the spiritual realms. The upper chakras, 5th (throat), 6th (third eye, the forehead) and 7th (the crown, which opens to Spirit) align to connect with the sacred, beyond our physical bodies. When we pray, we take the energy, the thought and the feeling from our lower chakras and, from the heart, send that up through our upper chakra system up and out to Spirit. We receive divine wisdom and guidance back down, through our upper chakra system and into our heart where we can then harness this energy into inspired action in our hearts, our minds and our bodies.

There is an activity ratio to consider if you are seeking to have clarity and balance emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Everything is founded on physical activity … 16 (physical): 9 (emotional): 4 (mental): 1 (spiritual). Consider this ratio in terms of minutes, for example. If you wish to experience a powerful, intensive spiritual meditation for 1 minute, you’ll need 16 minutes in physical activity to create the ideal foundation for this.

If you think about ancient, sacred temples, they are often built at the top of a mountain, requiring the supplicant to walk or climb to the top to enter the holy space for prayer and meditation. The physical activity required to reach the temple engages the body, activating and aligning the lower chakras to support the heart from a strong, aligned base.

With limited regular physical activity, we struggle to be emotionally balanced and mentally grounded. From my own experience, I find it dangerously easy to get sucked in a hamster-wheel of worry when I spend too much time sitting at a computer and inactive. When I commit to a structured calendar of regular physical activity, I am better balanced and have a much stronger and clearer connection to Spirit. As a middle-aged woman, I incorporate a variety of activities. I attend a weekly strength-training. I run 4-5 miles four days a week. I utilize a “sun salutation” yoga routine. In warmer months, I enjoy mowing the grass. And I regularly spend time hiking in the woods. I try to be active at a minimum for 45-60 minutes per session.

The first 20 minutes of a workout opens and flushes the physical body, cleaning and clearing the root chakra. The second 20-25 minutes of activity cleans and clears the 2nd chakra, bringing emotional clarity and grounding. The third 20 minutes cleans and clears the 3rd chakra, bringing mental clarity and focus. When the first three chakras are open and aligned in as fully and balanced energy centers, our heart chakra (4th) is now fully supported.

If you find yourself facing challenging circumstances in life, or if you are struggling to find a balanced and grounded connection for yourself, it may be helpful to consider your own activity ratio. As the days grow longer and the calendar moves us towards spring, taking advantage of any opportunity to get outside and spend time in nature is a powerful balancing force.

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