Ask for Help

In many of the readings I do, common themes come through again and again. One of the biggest directions that I hear from Spirit, is the encouragement that we be more willing to ask for help. Here in the physical world, those of us who tend to lead more independent lives and do not like to be a drain or burden to others are sometimes reluctant to ask for help. We are concerned that if someone is helping us, we may be taking away from another person or situation that may have more serious, urgent needs.

I hear repeatedly that in Spirit, this works very differently. Help is not a limited resource. In fact, the beings on the other side who are available to help and who want to help have the ability to be fully present and powerful to multiple people in multiple circumstances all at the same time. Continue reading “Ask for Help”

Hip! Hip! HOORAY!

Today is the date I have chosen to officially re-launch my website and digitally step out in promoting the work I am doing as a medium. This has been a VERY interesting year, and with each reading I do, I find my skills and understanding of this connection expanding and deepening.

There are times when I question what is happening, especially when I don’t get enough information to feel that I understand something specific. That can be frustrating at times. But I’m learning that as the “messenger,” it isn’t always for me to have a full understanding. Sometimes that just isn’t my business. What is more important is to pass along, to the best of my abilities, what I see, what I hear and what is shared with me. I find that my faith is growing as I do this work because I stumble across blessings and unexpected grace almost daily.

I am so grateful for this opportunity, and I welcome the continued journey!