Healing the Whole

Today was the first snow of the season. We went out for a 6 mile trot, and it was beautiful. But it was also snowing … in my face. I found myself wanting to push, to hurry up and finish so I could escape back to the comfort and warmth of indoors. As we left town and headed into the wooded part of the route, I could heard the sweet and gentle voice of my guide whisper to me, “Patience, Continue reading “Healing the Whole”

“Boy, Did I Miss Out!”

Since I began working as a medium, while I have had good success connecting to clients’ loved ones, I have not always enjoyed the same success with my own ancestor connection. There are some souls with whom I can easily connect. This is immensely helpful when sometimes when I am trying to make an important decision. However, there are other loved ones I have a lot of difficulty reaching.

For many months, I had been trying to connect with my maternal grandmother. Continue reading ““Boy, Did I Miss Out!””