Super Blue Blood Moon January 31, 2018

You may have heard or read about a very rare celestial event that will happen with the full moon on Wednesday evening. This isn’t a typical full moon … this event will be a full moon, a blue moon (the second full moon within a calendar month), a super moon (when the moon is closest to the Earth in its elliptical rotation) as well as what is called a “blood moon” which happens during a lunar eclipse with the Earth’s shadow causing the moon to have a reddish tone in color.

If you are interested in astrology, this is also a spectacular event in that there are six planets aligning within Capricorn (listen to Tasha Silver’s recording for more details).

If you feel energy building for this special event, you are not imagining it. It is very real. Continue reading “Super Blue Blood Moon January 31, 2018”

Launching 11/30/17

I’m getting excited … I’ve created this new website and will officially launch on November 30, 2017.

For just over a year now, I’ve been working formally as a medium and clairvoyant. My whole life, I’ve had very strong intuition. This was actually a pretty big challenge when I was younger because I didn’t really understand my sensitivity, and frequently became confused in being able to clearly distinguish what was mine, and what belonged to someone or something else. Since 2005, I’ve been working in a variety of ways to expand my understanding of energy, intuition and Spirit, and I’ve been blessed with some of the most amazing teachers on this journey.

I’m looking forward to writing about what I am learning and sharing it here in whatever way that may prove useful and helpful to others. To here’s to sharing joy and hope and insight, welcoming the peace and comfort in can bring to us all!