Signs … from Spirit with Love

Very recently I was having A DAY. One of those days where self-doubt looms large, and faith and confidence seem to be weak, flickering candles in the corner of my heart.

And then, as I walked toward my car, I saw one of the signs I look for when I am struggling and seeking guidance from Spirit. A huge, single feather was lying there that I could not possibly miss. It was as if I could hear Spirit saying to me, “Hang in there Honey … WE GOT YOU.”

I feel so grateful and so blessed! And while the challenges are still with me, I am lovingly and powerfully reminded that I am not alone. They are here with me, around me, behind me, and ahead of me, guiding my way. I can trust that everything is going to work out just fine.  ~ Thank you  ~

The Power of Prayer

Recently a friend of mind shared her Postcards from Spirit Oracle Deck with me, inviting me to pull a card. This is the beautiful card I pulled:

It was powerful to consider the power of prayer … how negatively powerful begging and pleading can be as well as the tremendous energy of offering up prayer as a sacred gift. I was deeply moved by this card and felt washed over with peace, hope and confidence when I read it.

Breathe in Beauty

When there is so much happening all around us, it is essential that we take moments to pause and drink in the beauty of the present moment. When we stop and allow our hearts to be filled with gratitude, this is incredibly powerful, renewing and restorative.

So take a moment today, when you stop and allow yourself to feel perfectly content, filled with beauty and gratitude for the present moment. Even if you Continue reading “Breathe in Beauty”


I was recently working with a client who is learning how to trust in herself more fully. The message that came through from her loved one was such a loving and powerful directive, that to me it felt like a universal truth. I certainly have embraced these words in my own heart since our session:

Release your fear. Release your worry. We are protecting you and we’ll tell you if there is a need for you to pay attention to or take action for something specific.  Your job is to be filled with JOY … to be a vessel of love and happiness, filling yourself and those around you.

What sweet words, and what a powerful message! It fills my heart with peace and gratitude!

Releasing Fear

Breathe in peace and hope, exhaling and releasing your fear.

In the last month, I have at times been feeling rather overwhelmed. I am connected to a lot of people, both those who are dear to my heart, and those with whom I work and care for very much, who are each facing extremely serious health challenges. At times I have found myself in a moment with my heart racing, feeling completely consumed with fear and worry about what will happen. Most of my prayers these weeks have been for each of these people, asking for them to be HUGELY supported and surrounded by kind, patient and knowledgeable medical professionals who will work carefully and diligently with them. Continue reading “Releasing Fear”

A State of Grace (FULL-ness)

After a session with a client, I rarely remember any of the details of what I channel and the information that comes through for me to share. But I ALWAYS remember the feel of the energy. I find myself feeling continually humbled and beyond grateful for the opportunity to do this work because of the beautiful and powerful energy that I can feel when I open up to Spirit.

I recently set up an appointment with a client for a reading. As soon as I received the email confirming the date and time of the session, I got an immediate “download” from two souls who stepped forward right away. Continue reading “A State of Grace (FULL-ness)”

Privacy is Important

I’ve worked with several clients in recent weeks for whom a shared theme has come through. They are each navigating different circumstances (difficult manager at work, questionably trustworthy relationships, delicate family politics). Yet in each situation, I was shown similar guiding wisdom, encouraging each person to be mindful of how much to share openly. I found it fascinating that with these different readings, each client was specifically advised to keep certain things private, avoiding full disclosure. Continue reading “Privacy is Important”


I was working with a client in a session some months ago, and her Mother came through during the reading. When my client asked me if her Mother could share something significant to confirm that this was “real,” I saw an image of turtles, sunning themselves in a pond. During the session, this didn’t resonate for my client, and I did not get additional clarifying information for it to make sense to me. But the next day my client contacted me exploding with excitement. Continue reading “Signs”