Breathe in Beauty

When there is so much happening all around us, it is essential that we take moments to pause and drink in the beauty of the present moment. When we stop and allow our hearts to be filled with gratitude, this is incredibly powerful, renewing and restorative.

So take a moment today, when you stop and allow yourself to feel perfectly content, filled with beauty and gratitude for the present moment. Even if you are navigating exceptional challenges, find a focus for something or someone that you can feel fully joyful for, and breathe that in. Literally breathe this in, filling yourself with breath, expanding your belly, your rib cage all the way up to your shoulders. Breathe slowly and purposefully, savoring what it is that gives you joy, even if it is something as simple as the feel of your favorite pen in your hand, or that sip of perfectly hot morning coffee.

Fill yourself with appreciation for beauty today, and feel your grateful heart radiate out to the world around you.