“Boy, Did I Miss Out!”

Since I began working as a medium, while I have had good success connecting to clients’ loved ones, I have not always enjoyed the same success with my own ancestor connection. There are some souls with whom I can easily connect. This is immensely helpful when sometimes when I am trying to make an important decision. However, there are other loved ones I have a lot of difficulty reaching.

For many months, I had been trying to connect with my maternal grandmother. While I could feel her energy around me at specific times (like when I am cooking), when I would reach out to “talk” to her, I felt like I just couldn’t find her.

One evening about two months ago, I was unwinding from a long week with a small glass of white wine. The wine tasted especially good, so I decided to have a second glass to finish what was left in the bottle. As I poured the second drink, I heard my grandmother’s voice say to me, “Wow, I really missed out when I was alive. That is SO nice!” I just burst out laughing! When she was alive, she was a faithful member of her local Southern Baptist church, and as such, never drank any alcoholic beverages. I found it terrifically amusing that she chose to reach out to me to comment on the white wine.

I was further amused just before Thanksgiving when I set out to make some pie crusts from scratch. It had been quite some time since I had done this, and the last crust I had made did not turn out very well. As I gathered the ingredients together, I asked her to join me to help guide the process. I heard her say, “Can we have some white wine while we cook?” I had to laugh even more before I told her that NO, we could not have white wine because (#1) I didn’t have any white wine in the house and (#2) I wanted to have a completely clear mind for this baking endeavor so that I could do my best job.

It really was tremendously funny to me, and I’m grateful for these exchanges so that I know, on her own terms and in her own way, she is around. Thank you Grandma! I love you!

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