Ask for Help

In many of the readings I do, common themes come through again and again. One of the biggest directions that I hear from Spirit, is the encouragement that we be more willing to ask for help. Here in the physical world, those of us who tend to lead more independent lives and do not like to be a drain or burden to others are sometimes reluctant to ask for help. We are concerned that if someone is helping us, we may be taking away from another person or situation that may have more serious, urgent needs.

I hear repeatedly that in Spirit, this works very differently. Help is not a limited resource. In fact, the beings on the other side who are available to help and who want to help have the ability to be fully present and powerful to multiple people in multiple circumstances all at the same time. They tell me that asking for help NEVER takes away resources and energy that might also be needed elsewhere.

More importantly, because we as human beings have free will, when we ask for help, we are giving permission for Spirit to come in to our lives and our hearts with a fullness that can be incredibly transformative and powerful. When we ask for help, we are giving our permission for Divine Intervention and welcoming Spirit with open arms.

Prayers that come from the heart are always answered. At times, we may not be able to see what is happening right away, especially if what we are expecting is different from the help, healing and transformative energy that comes from Spirit. If we understand that our vision is limited by our expectations and experiences, we can ask that our view be widened so that we can see and feel the love and healing around us. So do not be reluctant to ask for help. Even if you are not sure of what you need. Simply open your heart and ask.

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