Animal Communication

I’ve been practicing with some animal communication sessions. I’ve had success in helping to locate two lost dogs, and had some good sessions with horses and dogs, tapping into information about what is happening with them currently, and what they each felt would be helpful and beneficial to them.

In a session I did very recently with a geriatric dog, the big questions her human Mom had was, “Are you in pain?” and “How can I best support you right now?”  This sweet old girl has some chronic health issues and requires frequent visits to the vet for regular care and treatment. The dog (I’ll call her “Roxie”) confirmed that while she is uncomfortable at times, her treatments help her, and she is OK with continuing with them for now. She also said that it helps her a LOT when her human Mom is feeling happy and relaxed. I could feel how tuned in Roxie is to her Mom, immediately affected by any worry and stress her Mom is carrying, even if those thoughts are completely unrelated to anything going on at home.

Roxie also said that she really liked it when someone gently sings to her or hums, like a lullaby type of song. It was just so sweet, that my heart just melted. Here she is, in her twilight chapter of life, and what she most wants is for her human to be happy and relaxed, and for someone to sing or hum softly to her on occasion.

Isn’t that just the most precious thought ever?

I’m so grateful I get to do this work, and I’m looking forward to exploring more connections with animal communication!

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