A State of Grace (FULL-ness)

After a session with a client, I rarely remember any of the details of what I channel and the information that comes through for me to share. But I ALWAYS remember the feel of the energy. I find myself feeling continually humbled and beyond grateful for the opportunity to do this work because of the beautiful and powerful energy that I can feel when I open up to Spirit.

I recently set up an appointment with a client for a reading. As soon as I received the email confirming the date and time of the session, I got an immediate “download” from two souls who stepped forward right away. Both of these energies had VERY strong, clear messages of love for my client including a very specific directive to not be afraid. I heard:

Allow peace and faith to fill your heart … not the kind of faith they taught us in church growing up, but TRUE FAITH, which is free of all fear and fueled by infinite Love and Grace.

 When I was a child I attended an Episcopal church with my family. I remember hearing lessons and sermons about “grace,” but I distinctly remember being confused about exactly what grace was. I just didn’t get it.

Thanks to this work I do as a medium, I now understand this state of grace because of what Spirit shares with me through the sessions I do with clients. Each time, I feel my whole being flooded with this magnificent peace that just washes away all fear, doubt and worry. When I am connected to this energy, there is no room for anything but grace … I am literally filled with grace. And with this state of grace-fullness, I feel the tremendous infinity of Spirit sending this energy and peace.

I got a text from another client today that really spoke to this state of grace. She described using her breath to relax and release, surrendering to the Divine and connecting fully to a place of peace, wisdom and protection.

This is exactly what souls who have stepped forward in my sessions with clients have directed their loved ones to do: breathe deeply, release fear, worry and all negative energy. Envision your body enveloped in a bubble of light that is pure love and Divine energy. Use these visualizations to direct healing energy to specific parts of the body and to soothe a troubled mind so that you can see and feel clearly the path forward through challenging difficulties.

It is a magical, powerful journey, and I am so grateful for what blossoms out of this work and these connections!