A New Experience

Very recently, a client contacted me for help. Her retired service dog, a 15 year old Pomeranian I’ll call Squiggy had wandered off and had been missing for two days. While beloved pets who have crossed over to Spirit will sometimes come forward in the sessions I do, animal communication is not something I feel is in my wheelhouse. However when I had previously worked with this client in session, Squiggy popped in to join our discussion. At the time, I was quite amused by his bright, big energy and how he just butted right in to the session. Having connected with Squiggy at that time, I very much wanted to see if I could “find” him again.

My client’s first question was if I could get a sense of whether Squiggy was still alive, or if he had crossed over. I closed my eyes and did a quick meditation. I found Squiggy, and could “see” him laying under a clump of bushes that would flower in warmer seasons. I also felt the presence of another pet with him, what felt like a large dog in Spirit, watching over Squiggy. I could “see” the black color and smooth, soft texture of the fur of this guardian, and I could feel a separation between this spirit dog and Squiggy. That helped me understand that Squiggy was still alive, even though he felt very still and quiet, as if he were sleeping, or experiencing a medical crisis in his physical body.

Next I asked to be shown where Squiggy was located. I could feel myself at my client’s home, on her porch, where she had been seated while we worked together in our phone session. Like a compass needle, I sensed a very clear and specific direction and heard my guide tell me, “about a half a mile away.” I shared all of these details with my client and then turned my attention to her, working with her in a quick focus to get grounded, to calm her emotions and clear her heart and mind so that she could use her own intuition and radar to find Squiggy as she got closer to his location. I wished her the BEST of luck and asked her to keep me posted. We ended our call, and I looked at the clock … mid-morning.

Later in the day, I felt like something was shifting with Squiggy. I started to get excited and feel happy and hopeful. I reached out to my client for an update and was THRILLED to hear they’d gotten a report from a woman on a farm right in the area where I’d felt they should look that she’d seen Squiggy, and even been able to get him some food before he darted away from her. He was not easy to find! It took hours, and by the time they were successful in locating him, it was already dark and getting cold again. My client described the paddock where they finally saw him, thanks to a very persistent horse who kept nosing my client as if to say, “He’s here! Don’t leave! He’s here!” Poor Squiggy was having seizure activity and was therefore unable to come running to them as they neared the area, calling his name. He was weak and shivering and may not have made it through a third night in the dark and the cold. Squiggy’s homecoming was the BEST news EVER!

The next day I asked my client if she had a photo of the dog she thought might have been the spirit guardian I “saw” when I first located Squiggy. Because there was the horse (who had dark brown fur) and also a black calf who was also in the area, I had some question about who it was I had sensed. It definitely felt like a spirit animal, and I just knew if I saw a photo I would know immediately whether or not that was the animal with Squiggy. She sent me a photo and BAM! That was her! She was a big, sweet lab mix who actually lived with my client’s loved ones when she was alive.

Reflecting on this whole adventure, I feel so grateful that Squiggy made it home safely and I got the opportunity to work in a different kind of way. Having done this work for less than two years, I have a lot yet to learn. Each experience opens me up to better understanding the images, signs and symbols that Spirit is sharing with me. When I asked my client’s permission to share this story, she agreed and told me, “People will think you are making this up!” And they may. But I don’t care. Because THIS is the reason I do this work. It is powerful. It is life-changing. And I am so grateful I can be a part of helping to bring through these messages and information to create connection and build bigger bridges to Spirit!

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