Follow Your Heart

I have come to believe that we are happiest when we are aligned in our daily living with our soul’s calling. In managing the day-to-day tasks and responsibilities, it can be easy to get sucked in to doing what we think (with our logical mind) that we should be doing and struggling to clearly hear and understand our heart’s and soul’s desires. I have been awed by situations where someone, when faced with their own mortality, can suddenly and easily realize that is TRULY important, and release the worry, stress and trivial things that can be so distracting, opening to what is truly most important.

The Hawaiian singer-song writer and musician, Israel Kamakawiwo’ole performed and recorded an incredibly beautiful song, combining “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and “What a Wonderful World”. When I hear this song, it is so easy for me to just stop everything that I am doing, and all that I am thinking and just breathe, feeling the happiness of my heart. This place of simply clarity is the space in which I seek to make important decisions and spend time when I am searching for guidance.

When we can find that space to really tap into our hearts, it can become easier to find our path forward, and feel strength and peace in the present moment of our lives.

Blood Moon + Lunar Eclipse

This Saturday is a big celestial occurrence … a blood moon with the longest lunar eclipse of this century. I read an interesting article this morning about this event: “This Weekend We’re Getting a Blood Moon and the Longest Lunar Eclipse of the Century” on VICE media’s website.

Eclipses are a powerful time when big transformation is possible. Now is a good time to carefully review what is working and what is not in life so that if you need changes, you can utilize this energy clean it up and clear it out.

Signs … from Spirit with Love

Very recently I was having A DAY. One of those days where self-doubt looms large, and faith and confidence seem to be weak, flickering candles in the corner of my heart.

And then, as I walked toward my car, I saw one of the signs I look for when I am struggling and seeking guidance from Spirit. A huge, single feather was lying there that I could not possibly miss. It was as if I could hear Spirit saying to me, “Hang in there Honey … WE GOT YOU.”

I feel so grateful and so blessed! And while the challenges are still with me, I am lovingly and powerfully reminded that I am not alone. They are here with me, around me, behind me, and ahead of me, guiding my way. I can trust that everything is going to work out just fine.  ~ Thank you  ~

Welcoming the Solstice

Today, June 21, is the summer solstice, the day that contains the most light of the year. We welcome the energy of light and love and joy, to fill our hearts and fuel us with energy so that we may walk more gently on this Earth, and care for each other with a deeper compassion and understanding.

May your day be blessed and may your heart be full!

Ashay  •  Aho  •  Amen

The Power of Prayer

Recently a friend of mind shared her Postcards from Spirit Oracle Deck with me, inviting me to pull a card. This is the beautiful card I pulled:

It was powerful to consider the power of prayer … how negatively powerful begging and pleading can be as well as the tremendous energy of offering up prayer as a sacred gift. I was deeply moved by this card and felt washed over with peace, hope and confidence when I read it.

Breathe in Beauty

When there is so much happening all around us, it is essential that we take moments to pause and drink in the beauty of the present moment. When we stop and allow our hearts to be filled with gratitude, this is incredibly powerful, renewing and restorative.

So take a moment today, when you stop and allow yourself to feel perfectly content, filled with beauty and gratitude for the present moment. Even if you Continue reading “Breathe in Beauty”